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Walk into Kang Mai

Handanshi kangmai hydraulic equipment co.,ltd is located in the east of Wangzhuang, nearby Hanlin expressway. The main products are divided into nine series over sixty varieties, including hose crimping machine, hose cutting machine, hose skiving machine, nut crimping machine, insert pushing machine, marking machine, pressure test bench, hose cleaning machine and so on. We have supplied supports to many important projects and companies, such as Xi’an aircraft industry group, the exploitation of Jidong oilfield, the expansion of the capital airport, west-east gas transmitting project, China Railway and National Oilwell. Meanwhile, our products have been exported to more than eighty countries, such as the United States, England, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Pure, Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India Egypt, South Africa and so on, all of them are widely praised by customers at home and abroad. With the spirit of technical innovation, Kangmai will move on to refine product and optimize quality, to enjoy a high prestige in the world.

  • 20 years of construction

    The plant covers an area of 50 mu

  • 2000 sets per year

    Annual production capacity 2000 sets

  • Exports to more than 30 countries

    Exports to more than 30 countries

  • More than 60 employees

    More than 60 employees

Service advantages

Creativity, process and implementation are indispensable
Honorary qualification
Since its inception, our business direction has always been the same, focusing on one thing to better pursue high quality, which is also the value of our existence. In the future, we will continue to create based on this belief.
Management idea
In the continuous innovation and practice, it summarizes the sustainable and reliable design process, adheres to thinking with users, uses the design method to find problems, solve problems, output design schemes, and realizes the promotion of customer products and enterprise value.
Customer service
Over the years, customer service has accumulated a large number of excellent project cases and verified the value of design. In the continuous exploration of summing up experience, results oriented, continue to provide more customers with excellent design.

Strong Company strength

The company will continue to uphold the concept of innovation and development, make products precise and detailed, and build China's Kangmai into the world's Kangmai

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