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How to product machine by kangmaia hydraulic

Clicks:13802019-10-16 14:04:02 Source: Handanshi Kangmai Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.

1.We product machines is strict with the Machinery manufacturing process requirements. Such as Some pressure-containing parts of machine should be quenching and tempering,lattice refinement , hardening treatments. 
We product machine like this. Some cheap machine factory just is quenching. In this way, the machine will be Dangerous.
2. Strictly Inspection. 
(1)We tested the material of accessories. 
(2)Control the processing of each process. The accuracy of detection accessories.
(3)After assembling the machine ,we tested roundness, taper, pressure, appearance, etc. dozen indicators. 
(4)After all of the indicators are qualified, we move machines into the warehouse. 
(5)Before shipment, we will check again to ensure  give customers a high quality machine.
3. Our R&D staff delevop new hose crimper like computer type, side type and thinner type and heavy type to 20 inch.
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